Eye Twitching Cures

Before you try to stop eye twitching by treating it you need to have identified all of the possible causes which you can do by visiting the eye twitching causes page or taking the eye twitch quiz which will help you find all possible reasons you’re suffering from eye twitches. If you’ve already identified your risk factors then continue reading to find what will work in your situation.

The list below is all the causes of eye tics, simply address the most likely causes according to your lifestyle and you will almost certainly eliminate the twitching. As I’ve said before there is no real eye twitch cure or treatment only ways to address the underlying causes that do have known cures and treatments. Most eye twitching is benign and will resolve itself given time.

It is possible that you could have more than one cause or think you have identified the cause when you haven’t. If you end up thinking it could be one of three things for example, then start with the easiest treatment option to implement for you first. Go through them one at a time until you figure out the eyelid twitching treatment that works for you.

Lack of Sleep
Stress Induced
General Fatigue
Screens (TV/Comp)
Vitamin Deficiency
Eye Strain

Allergy Induced
Caffeine Induced
Pinched Nerve
Benzo Withdrawal

If you think you have more information about possible causes or treatments for an eye twitch please head on over to our eye twitch rants page and leave us a quick message. We’re very open to feedback and we’re trying to create more ways to collect data from people suffering with eyelid twitching to help identify additional ways to diagnose exact causes.

Remember if you’re having problems in everyday life because of this muscle spasm seek help from a doctor. You may be unfortunate and not get offered any solutions but it’s likely you will find out that it’s at least nothing serious. Sometimes just knowing it’s nothing to worry about is half the cure anyway since it eliminates the worry and stress involved.