Eye Twitching Superstition

There are many eye twitching superstitions from various cultures around the world. Some of these superstitions foretell fortune and some misfortune.

Right Eye Twitching Superstitions

In India the superstition says that the right eye is a bad omen. Another common superstition is that a twitching right eye means a birth in the family will occur soon.

In China a twitching right eye signifies good luck whereas the opposite is true for women. So, if you’re a woman and following the Chinese superstition a twitching right eye means bad luck or fortune. Somewhat less common is that if your right bottom eyelid is twitching something good is coming whereas the right top eyelid twitching means misfortune is coming. Another less common superstition from China is that if your right eye is twitching someone is talking about you.

Another superstition comes from Africa which says that twitching in the lower eyelid means sadness/tears will follow soon. If it’s the upper eyelid then an unexpected meeting will occur. This is also a superstition held in Hawaii but with no regard for upper/lower eyelid.

Other superstitions of unknown origin state that such a right eye twitch signifies a birth.

Left Eye Twitching Superstitions

As mentioned above in China a left eye twitch would be considered a bad omen for men or a good omen for women.

To be honest in the research I did about these superstitions many people thought it was the inverse of what I stated above. Meaning for example that in China it’s actually that right eye twitching is bad for men and good for women, etc. These superstitions don’t seem to be as clear cut as a lot of the more common superstitions such as walking under a ladder or a black cat crossing your path.

Unfortunately it’s so hard to really know what the right superstition is (since they’re all just word of mouth anyway) that you might as well just make a random guess as to what your eye twitching means.

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