Hemifacial Spasm

Do you think you have hemifacial spasm? The video below shows a more serious case of hemifacial spasm. It’s characterized by muscle spasms on one side of the face usually starting around the eye and progressively getting worse.

Below is a video discussing what exactly hemifacial spasm is and the various treatment options available. To summarize, hemifacial spasm involves a muscle spasm around the eye (exact location not specified) that has a characteristic rhythmic twitching that usually starts off minor and can progressively get worse and eventually involve more of the face.

I believe the most common treatment is botulinum (botox) injections to relax the muscles in the face and this reportedly works very well. Of course, this can still be a drastic solution if your twitching is minor and hasn’t progressed to a point that it interferes with your daily life.

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  • Tracy Perkins  On May 20, 2010 at 9:45 am

    Well, under usual circumstances, the annoying eye twitch would normally be caused by the not so serious factors as follows : -

    # Stress
    # Tiredness
    # Eyestrain
    # Caffeine
    # Alcohol
    # Dry eyes
    # Nutritional imbalances
    # Allergies

    Next, under such situations, such annoying symptoms would usually come and go within a very short period of time and certainly the conditions would get better and better from time to time especially when certain related treatments are sought and administered to deal with the symptom.

    However, under rare circumstances when the eye twitch symptom just get progressively and chronically and seriously unmitigated from bad to worse as well as seem to last permanently even when all sorts of related treatments are adminstered upon such illness to deal with it, such non-stop eye twitching symptom may then simply just manifest as one of the serious neuromuscular / neurological symptoms of

    # Tardive Dysinesia (rapid involuntary uncontrollable eye blinking / eye twitching), which in most cases are caused by the neuromuscular / neurological side effects of certain
    medications and other neurological complications. Whilst the underlying mechanism of such a disease is such that the normal functionings of the neurotransmitters chemical dopamine which co-ordinates the miscellaneous human body movements in this case are disturbed,antagonized and disrupted in this case resulting in one’s loss of control of human body movements, and in this case, one’s eye / eyelids organ.

  • Shirley  On July 5, 2010 at 3:49 am

    I have lived with hemifacial spasm for over thirteen years. First it started as a twich in my left eye. I receice botox every three months which at times works well. most times it leaves me with a droopy face. It is getting worse, and my face is pulling to the left all the time. I hate the way i look and am so tire of living with this. Is there any help for me.

  • dave  On October 18, 2010 at 11:12 am


    My wife had Hemifacial spasm for five years. We went to
    UPMC in Pittburgh for the required surgery last year. The surgeon found and “demcompressed” the nerve from a couple of
    blood vessels. She still had the spasms. We went back last
    month and they re “explored” the area. This time they found
    another vessel hidden between the 7th and 8th cranial nerves.
    They “decompressed” that, and she is totally spasm free and
    really happy. Her hearing is just fine also. Great Job !!
    The bottom line : I think your problem can be fixed, but from
    what we understand, the sooner the better. Botox isn’t the cure.

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