Eye Twitching During Pregnancy

It has recently come to my attention that several mothers report experiencing eye twitching during pregnancy. The usual causes of eye twitching apply in this case just as any other. When you’re pregnant your body has an increased demand for nutrients and rest. Make sure you’re eating plenty of fruits and vegetables (Don’t forget you’re eating for two) and not stressing your body by over exerting yourself physically or mentally. Some of the things you used to do before such as staring at a computer screen all day or exercise should be cut back to allow your body more rest and relaxation.

You should also note that just being pregnant can stress you out. All the worries and things needing to get done to prepare for your babies arrival can really take a toll on you. Try to find a way to relax and clear your mind of these and other concerns. Put a little more effort into eating healthy and eating a variety of foods. Limit your time spent on working or other stressful activities. Before you know it your eye twitch should be decreased or even eliminated.

For a more personalized explanation of what is likely the cause of your eye twitching try taking our eye twitch quiz which will quickly and easily narrow down your top risk factors.