Can hemifacial spasm ever go away on its own?

Question: Can hemifacial spasm ever go away on its own?

Answer: I’ve never heard of someone with true hemifacial spasms having it resolve without intervention. Sometimes people have an eye twitch or face twitching on one side and think they have hemifacial spasm but it’s not. The cause of true hemifacial spasm is a compressed or pinched nerve and unfortunately treatment consists of either Botox injectiosn to paralyze the muscles (also meaning you lose functionality of them) or microvascular decompression surgery which has a high success rate but as with any surgery is risky. Many people wait years and years for their hemifacial spasm to resolve itself before seeking treatment. It’s better to resolve it sooner than later and get on with your life even if that means resolving to do nothing about it.

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