Eye Twitch Quiz

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This quiz exists to help you quickly identify what is likely the cause of your eye twitch. Answer the questions according to how strongly you agree or disagree with them. By taking this quiz you agree to let us save and use the results anonymously on our eye twitching statistics and rant pages.

  1. You regularly get 6-8 hours of sleep without waking.

  2. You experience anxiety or stress on an everday basis.

  3. You have no trouble staying alert and active throughout the day.

  4. On average you use a computer or watch TV more than 2-4 hours a day.

  5. You eat healthy foods on a regular basis.

  6. You wear glasses or contacts.

  7. You occasionally suffer from allergies.

  8. You regularly consume coffee, soda, or other caffeinated products.

  9. You've been in a car accident or otherwise experienced physical trauma.

  10. You regularly take over the counter or perscription drugs.

  11. You use benzodiazepine drugs or are withdrawing from any drug.

  12. You have other symptoms such as numbness, tremors, loss of balance, difficult swallowing, or differences in speech.

  13. You regularly have difficulty waking up in the morning.

  14. You have a lot of responsibilities or people depending on you.

  15. You don't have enough energy to get all the things done you need to get done.

  16. Your job requires you to use a computer on a daily basis.

  17. You eat out or order out for food more than 2-3 times a week.

  18. You have been diagnosed with near or far sightedness.

  19. Someone in your close family has problems with allergies.

  20. You can't start the day without a cup of coffee.

  21. You have seen a chiropractor, massage therapist, or other physical therapist before.

  22. You have an illness affecting the nervous system such as parkinson's disease or other serious health problem requiring medication.

  23. You regularly drink alcohol or do recreational drugs (including tobacoo).

  24. You have a family history of nervous system or neurological illnesses.

  25. What is your sex? (Optional for statistics)

  26. What is your age group? (Optional for statistics)

  27. How would you describe your health in general? (Optional for statistics)

  28. Leave a comment for our eye twitching rants page. (Optional)